I have been fortunate to work with students in a variety of academic and co-curricular settings. I view civic education as one of the foundational responsibilities of academics, and I look forward to contributing to this project during my career.

At Illinois, I have twice served as an independent instructor, once for Political Science 100, a survey covering all subfields of the discipline, and once for Political Science 101, an introduction to American politics. In winter 2017-2018, I further broadened my instructional experience by teaching an online environmental politics course. Beyond the classroom, as an academic coach with the Athletics Department and as a consultant with Illinois’s Writers Workshop, I have worked to help students develop strategies for classroom success. In spring 2018, I also directed two research assistants through the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program at Illinois.

Prior to coming to graduate school, while serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer, I supported the Civic Engagement Office at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, IA. I helped to coordinate service and experiential learning opportunities for hundreds of students on campus, and I gain valuable experience mentoring students and managing co-curricular programs. I also developed a deep appreciation for the liberal arts and the value of student-centered education.

Guided by my experiences at Illinois and Cornell, I think of students as being in several processes of becoming – becoming citizens, becoming professionals, and becoming lifelong learners. Accordingly, what I offer as a teacher is threefold. First, I provide students with knowledge about our political system that they can use to become informed participants in our democracy. Second, I help students develop a set of skills that they can carry with them to the workplace. Finally, I create a space for students to develop habits of intellectual curiosity and well-being. In every exchange with my students, I want them to come away better prepared to navigate their own civic, professional, and personal journeys.

My broad training in political science and law positions me to teach a wide range of classes. Though I am a specialist in Congress and American institutions, I have also benefited from strong training in political behavior and communications. I am happy to provide sample syllabi and a full teaching statement upon request.